Enjoy Your Trip with a Travel Loan

Are you planning to travel and want to enjoy your wanderlust avoiding all the interruption, especially the financial difficulties and want to enhance your joy of travelling, then creditwalle is with you at every step with a Personal loan for Travel which is not only available with easy application, instant approval, easy repayment and all, but it is available at that time or when you are in travelling so that you can apply for a loan for your financial requirement for different purpose like shopping during travel, to cover the bills of ticket and accommodation and many more. Therefore, if you are applying for a personal loan during your travel with all the required documents, you will be able to get the disbursal easily. Because we help you get the loan in a few hours. Be ensured about the loan amount you want and apply for the personal loan.

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Beneficial features of travel loans in India

Getting a travel loan is beneficial for multiple reasons because of its time-saviour phenomena, where you can get the disbursal of your loan amount in a few hours, and you can manage all those expenses that emerge during travel. Our Instant Holiday Loan is extremely easy to borrow because as per our commitment, we always intend to stand with you at every step during your travelling and while travelling, you might have requirements of cash for the arrangement of tickets, shopping, luxurious accommodation and many more activities. So, you can apply for an instant loan easily at the Apply Now page and you can get the disbursal in a few hours.

Once your amount is disbursed in your account, you can use the loan amount as per your desired expenses and you will feel the freedom of its accessibility. Because unless you get the loan at your convenience, you can’t enjoy the lending experience. Therefore, we are always the with an easy and accessible loan.

Steps to Apply for Holiday Loans

Any customer with a credit score of 750 and an ideal salary as per the company policy can apply with the required documents where you must have an Aadhar card, PAN, Salary slip, Bank Statement, utility bills, rent agreement and others. Once you apply for a Holiday Loan, you will get a call from our executive and after the formal verification, i.e., checking the eligibility criteria, your loan will be disbursed directly to your linked amount. If you are planning or travelling and willing to get the loan, then apply with the documents and get your holiday loan shortly.

Credit score required for a Peresonal Loan

To get approved for a personal loan, a credit score is required. Lenders often favor applicants with scores of 750 or above. Better creditworthiness is indicated by higher scores, which raises your chances of acceptance and lowers interest rates. To raise your credit score, check it frequently and keep up excellent credit practices.

Credit Score Range Ranking
750 - 900 Excellent
700 - 749 Good
650 - 699 Poor
600 - 649 Bad

Eligibility criteria for Travel loan

Anyone, with a good credit score, income and relevant documents is eligible for getting a personal loan for travel,
and while applying for a travel loan you don’t have to keep any collateral.

Income 35,000 or above for a salaried person


For Salaried and Self-Employed Persons

AGE Minimum 21 years and Maximum 65 years

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to apply for a personal loan for travel then click on the apply now page on our website and enter all the details with your documents. Our executive will contact you shortly for the loan approval and verification.

Yes, you can get a travel loan easily, especially while travelling, to cover whatever you need. If you are salaried, then it will be easy for you.

If you are planning for any trip and you have done it instantly, you can proceed with this instant holiday loan which can be applied easily and you can get the disbursal in a few hours.

In the time of leisure or holiday you might have various plans like travelling, especially for tour purposes and that time, a holiday loan can help you manage the cash crunch easily.

You must have a salary above 25000/month and a credit score above 750. However, in some cases, a lower credit score can also be considered as income. You must have all the valid documents also like salary slips, bank statements, Aadhar, PAN, etc.

You can get up to 1 lakh but it can vary on your credit score and income ratio. If you have a higher salary, the loan amount can be higher whereas for a less salary, it can be low. Therefore, it will entirely depend on your income and eligibility.

If your documents are valid and complete as per the eligibility and company's terms and conditions, then the approval is done shortly and your loan amount is disbursed in a few hours.

For self-employed, they must have an ITR and business record with a perfect address and if they have all these, they can easily apply for an instant holiday loan.

It is available instantly, especially when you need cash for the instant requirements. It is easy to apply and fast in disbursal. Therefore, you can utilize the loan amount for your holiday planning.

If you have taken the vacation loan for the short term, then you must pay it at a time i.e., on the repayment date which is generally fixed on your salary date.